Stories from the 1967 war
Stories from the 1967 war
IAW 2017
#SeeIsraelForYourself, depicting diversity, religious freedom, sexual freedom and democracy using a number of recognizable celebrities who have travelled to Israel.
We have launched a digital campaign with interesting facts on Israel called #DidYouKnow as part of our advocacy programme. The campaign covers aspects of our historical connection …
This campaign was initiated when the ANC invited Hamas representatives to SA. The SAZF & SAFI embarked on a full scale marketing campaign to educate South Africans about the da…
The Nelson Mandela campaign was started to dispel the myth that Nelson Mandela was anti Isreal. The campaign showed conclusively that Mandela maintained friendly relations with Isr…
This campaign was created at a time when South Africa was suffering the effects of a major draught. The campaign was to show South Africans that a relationship with Israel would in…
This campaign was launched prior to our Yom Ha’atzmaut event and was focused on support from our local community.
This campaign was launched during Israel Apartheid week and gained momentum on different social media platforms and through boosting, which enabled our reach to be extended globall…

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