We connect South Africans to the best of Israeli culture and technology through seminars, lectures and movies. Our conferences are addressed by some of the finest speakers across the globe eager to share their knowledge and ideas with the South African community.


Dr Zohar Raviv - On the Possibility of a Jewish Democracy in Israel
Judaism and Democracy have been Israel’s Creed from birth. Dr Raviv explores the challenges faced when we attempt to harmonize the two, and continues to offer a model that may ass…
Signs, Symbols and Songs
BEYACHADJoin Batya Bricker and the Academy, in partnership with the SAZF as we explore the power of symbols to communicate, considering examples from all over the world and in different ar…
Jerusalem is more than a place. It is the heart of spirituality and humanity, a concept and an ideal. In Part II of our course we’ll explore some of these aspects, from its place i…
For 2000 years, Jerusalem was more a myth than a mother. But all that changed in 1967. People world-wide can now walk her streets, hear her songs, marvel at her poetry, dig back in…
Weekly Radio Show – Israel In Focus 101.9 Chai FM
Tune in to Benji Shulman every Monday morning between 09:00 – 10:00 where he will highlight current Israel news as well as local updates and community events.

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