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Media Monitoring
Israel’s image in the media and other sources does not often illustrate an accurate picture.
Misinformed and, in some cases, even slanderous sentiments emerge on assorted platforms such as social media, television, radio, online, and in print.
When such instances arise, they are examined by the SAZF and appropriate action is taken if necessary.
In addition, The Fed authors articles, statements, press releases, and letter responses, as well as co-ordinates interviews to inform the South African public of the truth regarding Israel.
Monthly Newsletter
Once a month, the SAZF publishes a newsletter that offers the community a snapshot of what has happened during the previous four weeks and upcoming events to look forward to. Want to stay up to date? Sign up for the SAZF Newsletter HERE.
Media Team
The SAZF is fortunate to have a dedicated team comprising of volunteers across all faiths who assist in monitoring the media for all things Israel. Make use of their knowledge and passion for the country, its people, and the Middle East, our team responds to articles and letters with the actual facts. Feel as though you’d be an invaluable addition to our crew? Sign up HERE.
Social Media Advocacy
As social media advances, so does anti-Israel rhetoric on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, amongst others. The SAZF requires an army of Keyboard Warriors to assist in tackling the inaccurate narrative and spreading the truth. Have what it takes? Sign up HERE.

Media Resources

The facts about Israel are not always easy to encounter. Here is a list of websites and resources which will hopefully make your Israel education that much more accessible.

Real Facts
Created by five former university students based in Johannesburg, the purpose of RealFacts is to educate the public by sharing the truth about the situation in the Middle East through disseminating the real facts.

Israel 21c
Standing for “Israel 21st Century” and founded in 2001 during the Second Intifada, Israel21c
offers more than 10,000 originally researched and produced articles, videos, images, and blogs by some of Israel’s leading journalists.

YnetNews |
The online version of Israel’s newspaper Yediot Ahranot, YNETNews (English) and its sister site YNET (Hebrew) are the country’s most popular news sites, offering breaking news and insight into Israeli matters on the ground and internationally.

Another online edition of an Israeli daily, Haaretz provides in-depth analysis on numerous Israeli issues, including politics, security, and the situation in Gaza and the West Bank.

The Jerusalem Post
Not all Israeli publications are in Hebrew, as is showcased by The Jerusalem Post.
Established in 1923, “JPost” is the leading English newspaper in Israel and, contrary to its name, discusses issues across the state.


The Times of Israel
Famous for its blogs (which includes many South African writers), The Times of Israel produces news and analysis on a range of topics from local Israeli politics to diaspora Jewry.


South African Jewish Report
The SA Jewish Report is the only national Jewish newspaper in the country.
Circulated each Thursday with a Friday date-line, the weekly publication includes news, features, and analysis on SA Jewry, the global Jewish world, and Israel.


101.9 Chai FM
Based in Johannesburg, Chai FM is the world’s only English-speaking Jewish talk radio station and covers a variety of issues pertaining to local and world Jewry, as well as matters regarding the Jewish State.
The SAZF is represented through two shows on the station which can be listened to locally on 101.9 FM or globally via its website.
Benji Shulman – The New Blue Review (Mondays 09:00 – 10:00)
Mithi Jamie – Israel Beyond the News (Wednesdays 10:00 – 11:00)


The difficulties of peace are better than the agony of war.

Menachem Begin – Sixth Prime Minister of Israel