Communication is key – this is a lesson I have learned being a mother, a wife, a manager of people and a communal leader. When communication goes wrong it can also have disastrous consequences leaving the facts to interpretation of a very ripe grapevine.  In these monthly updates we hope to briefly give our donors and supporters insight into our activities – our successes and challenges.

We would like to re-iterate that without your continued support we will be unable to continue our important work which includes connecting our community to Israel as well as defending Israel in South Africa. We believe that each member of our community has a right to live in this country as proud South Africans and proud Zionists who support and love the state of Israel. It is a big year for us hosting our 49th National conference in July. We look forward to an amazing event with high level international speakers. More details will be released after Pesach.

Over the past 3 months our offices have been busy with a multitude of projects. We launched the year with our advocacy programme for Grade 12 students at KDVP and KDL.  This 10 week programme aims to engage students with relevant content about Israel, regional politics and Zionism. As Jews living in the diaspora we face the reality of rising anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. We need to ensure that our youth are informed and resourced as they leave their school and home environment and head to university campuses.  We will also be hosting an event for parents next with world renowned advocacy expert Neal Lazarus.

The SAZF is also the custodian of the Diller Leadership programme and our new cohort is off to an amazing start. We have just hosted the international Diller Director Liat Cohen Raviv who reiterated the amazing contribution the Johannesburg teens and facilitators have had on the global programme. We achieved one of the highest scores in recent surveys taken.

The Israel elections are coming up and we have some great events and panel discussions around the topic of the elections. Just this week we crossed over live to the Knesset and we will be partnering with Kosher World to bring you live feeds of the elections throughout the day.

Our Annual Yom Haazmaut and Yom Hazikron community events take place in May. These events are large scale events that take up a lot of time and resources. We are exciting to be going back to Gold Reef city this year- it’s a firm favourite for families with children of all ages and we encourage parents to take the afternoon off and join us in celebrating Israel’s independence on Thursday 9 May.

Unfortunately IAW (Israel Apartheid week) has been called for 1 April. The SAZF play a hands-on role in supporting our students on campus as well as responding and monitoring media bias. Everyone can be an activist and we encourage our community to write letters, call into radio stations and share on social media to unfair allegations and attacks on Israel.