24 July 2017

“Condemnation of Palestinian Incitement to Violence”

Ben Swartz
National Chairman of the SA Zionist Federation

Following the fatal stabbing of two Israeli Druze soldiers at Lions Gate last week, rioting and violent attacks have erupted in Jerusalem and other locations over the past weekend. In response to the murders, security measures in the form of metal detectors, which aim at protecting all prayer-goers and civilians, have been erected at the holy site of Al-Aqsa Mosque. In response, the Palestinian leadership has chosen to recklessly inflame passions within the Palestinian community by falsely asserting that the holy site is in danger and by calling for a “DAY OF RAGE”.

It was this “day of rage” that led to the brutal murder of three Israeli civilians on Friday evening. A 19 year old Palestinian terrorist, Omar al-Abed, wielding a large knife, stormed into a Jewish home and savagely attacked an unassuming family who were quietly celebrating the Sabbath and the birth of their new grandchild.

The continued incitement by Palestinian leaders is not in line with the narrative that so diversely gets played out in the media, calling for negotiations and peace. And as we know, it takes two parties to engage in a Peace Agreement. Israel is ready and waiting. The Palestinian leadership, however, continues to choose the path of incitement to murderous violence and blind hatred.

The SAZF and SAJBD note with concern the statement issued by DIRCO on this matter and express extreme disappointment that no context was provided as to what gave rise to the current escalating conflict, and the fact that they have not condemned the brutal terrorism against Israeli civilians.

The SAZF and SAJBD do however echo the SA Government’s “call on both the Governments of Israel and the Palestinians to resume final status negotiations in order for the two nations to live side-by-side, in peace and within secure and recognized borders”.

The SAZF and the SAJBD remain committed to a viable Two-State solution, and we will continue to play our part through ongoing education and open dialogue.

For more information, please contact Ben Swartz: 011 645 2601