#DigiTell18 – A Global Gathering of Pro-Israel Experts and Influencers 


The 12th – 14th March, saw 60 + social media experts and influencers, from around the world, gather in Jerusalem for #DigiTel18 – a conference focused on discussing and sharing tools to fight the delegitimization of Israel. This newly formed network of people is about countering the libels, which anti-Zionistic and anti-Semitic lobbies, such as the BDS, repeatedly subject Israel to.


Terri Levin from the SAZF and SAFI, along with Josh Maraney (Top Click) were invited to this pilot conference, spearheaded by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy. Terri was one of the few delegates invited to present at the conference, where she presented the political landscape of South Africa, as well as the daily challenges they are faced with, by hate groups. This was a tipping point, as it put South Africa at the top of mind, and quickly became a topic of discussion thereafter. Further to that, during the midst of IAW (which was simultaneously taking place in SA), the social media plan was shared with the conference delegates. The network of “armchair ambassadors”, with a new sense of unity and purpose, rallied together to push the social media content to their networks, across their social media platforms – aiding in a more global reach, creating a new awareness. 


Overall, the #DigiTell18 conference proved to be highly beneficial, and confirms that by building a network of global “Social Media Warriors”, we can better fight the false narratives and rhetorics flying around the online sphere.