OFF TO THE GAMES – SAZF wishes the Maccabi SA team Good Luck


On Sunday 18 June, the SAZF, Israel Centre and Maccabi SA hosted a send off party for the South African Maccabi team. The delegation of 295 will soon be embarking on their journey to the games in Israel, where they will be participating in 16 sporting activities. 

The send off party held at the HOD, was met with excitement, “gees” and a sense of unity. The hall was decked out in the colours of the South African flag, with the Israeli flag proudly displayed, and delicious food in abundance. 

Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, Ambassador Arthur Lenk, SAZF Chairman Ben Swartz and  Clifford  Garrun, Maccabi SA chairman, addressed the audience with words of encouragement to bring home the medals. 

Maccabi Ambassador, Adam Bacher, former South African cricket player, shared his stories of being part of the Maccabi SA team and how, out of all his life and cricketing experiences, this one he holds most dear. Shireen Sapiro, another Maccabi SA ambassador, is a retired Paralympics swimmer and gold medalist. She shared her story of overcoming her life changing accident, to representing South Africa in various Paralympics where she won multiple medals. Shireen also expressed how being part of the Maccabi SA team was the most important to her, as she felt a huge sense of unity and comradery with the global Jewish community. 

Alain Nathan, Maccabi SA Sports Director, together with Shireen and Adam did the traditional torch lighting ceremony, which was followed by the the South African National Anthem and Hatikva, sung with great pride. 

On behalf of the SAZF, we wish the SA Maccabi team the best of luck at the games. Bring home the gold! 

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