Ref: “Iran at 40, a salute to steadfastness” 

One day after The Star published a letter by Iqbal Jassat of the pro-Palestinian propaganda machine, The Media Review Network,  the Gatestone Institute, a British-based International Policy Council published an op-ed by Denis MacEoin PhD,  a former academic in Arabic, Persian, and Islamic Studies and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at New York's Gatestone Institute.

The topic of both offerings was Iran which Jassat salutes for its steadfastness under the 40-year reign of the Mullahs.

While Jassat lost no time in homing in on Israel and America as the main reasons why Iran is unfairly targeted as a danger to world peace, MacEoin listed endless examples of why indeed, the latter qualifies as such. Any country that openly threatens the total destruction of another (as Iran does vis-à-vis Israel) is a pariah that should be recognised as such and banished from every civilized international forum. 

While Jassat sings the praises of Iran and the Mullahs who rule it, he ignores the litany of negatives that reflect the barbaric values of the Khomeini regime.  While Israel has no death penalty; includes its Arab population in every aspect of its internationally recognised democracy (Google “Freedom House”); protects the rights of the LGBTQ community and safeguards the freedom of all religions, the press and association, Iran publically hangs gays from cranes; barbarically stones women to death; whips women who fall foul of the “dress police” and hangs women accused of murder with neither legal representation or investigation of their psychological state (See the case of Zaynab Sekanvand).

Iran executes per capita more prisoners than China, the world leader in that respect and funds recognised terrorist organizations, notably Hamas and Hezbollah.  Further, Iran has an abysmal human rights record regarding religious minorities with the open persecution of the Bahai, Christians and others. Ironically, it is in Israel that the Bahai enjoy complete freedom of worship and house their world headquarters

Arabs serve on the Israeli Supreme Court, vote freely in elections and are represented in parliament by 5 parties and 12 MP’s.  Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where civil rights exist for racial minorities, homosexuals and women.

For Iqbal Jassat to speak of Israel’s and Iran’s moral standing in the same breath is an insult to the former which has just been rated as the 5th most innovative country in the world. The second best placed regional country was the UAE at 46.

While Israel is on the verge of presenting the world with a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer, Iran offers and supports terrorism, death and destruction. Is this the sort of country with which Iqbal Jassat wishes to be associated?

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