An Open Letter to Shashi Naidoo

Poor, poor Shashi, what a mess you’ve landed yourself in by doing the unthinkable – standing up for Israel in a country and climate that is obsessed with defaming her at every opportunity.

(At the last session of the UN Human Rights Council, 5 resolutions were adopted against Israel, against 3 for the rest of the world COMBINED!  Does that tell you something?)

And, to make things even worse, Sash, you have allowed yourself to be gathered beneath the loving wing of BDS, led by Prof. Farid Essak and Muhammed Desai  who regard someone like you as manna from heaven.

Following the emotive, self-flagellating apology that you offered on national television, who would question your tearful explanation that you were simply the victim of your own folly by impulsively cutting and pasting a pro-Israel screed  on your phone, prior to despatching it into the unforgiving ether.

Public pronouncements can be dangerous, as so many have learned. Gareth Cliff took a similar stance some weeks ago when he deigned to question some of the ridiculous claims made against Israel, but  Shashi, he at least had the courage of his convictions, understood the dynamics  and stood by his beliefs. That takes guts.

But then how can you, a new arrival to the fray, be expected to realise the power and influence of an organization like BDS which has managed to earn acceptance by the ANC, the EFF, The World Council of Churches  and a host of other disingenuous non-thinkers who blindly follow their antipathy of Israel under the guise of anti-Zionism, anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism and, best of all, “Apartheid Israel”.

In fact, the only “anti-“ that does unquestioningly apply  is “anti-Semitism”.  When BDS deny this charge Shashi,  remind them of their chant, “Kill the Jew” some years ago at a concert by a visiting Israeli jazz group at Wits University.

As you’re travelling to “Palestine” under the guidance of BDS (who will undoubtedly ensure that you go exactly where they wish you to go, see exactly what they wish you to see and hear exactly what they wish you to hear), I urge you to insist that you spend some time in Israel itself to determine how, when and where the Jewish state practises apartheid.

I assure you that if you expect to experience it in any form at all, you will be deeply disappointed.  All you need do is visit the Knesset (Parliament ) to witness 12 Arab MP’s representing 5 Arab parties.

Please ask them, Shashi,  why Israel has been in a state of war and under attack (in one form or another) every single day since its birth in May 1948; why all three offers of peace and of an independent Palestinian state has been turned down over the years, and why, despite sometimes seeming to agree to the formation of a two-state solution, school children are taught to hate Israel, hate Jews and adopt the mantra that a future Palestinian state will stretch “from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea (i.e. “no Israel).

To reach the truth, Shashi, will take some courage but you are quite obviously a lot more than a pretty face.  I urge you to seek it.