Billboards are everywhere – lining the highways, erected on the sides of buildings, at busy intersections! Even though we may not always notice them, these large promotional spaces have a powerful impact on the thousands of people who pass beneath them every day. 

Consequently, with the onset of Israel Apartheid Week, a billboard has been erected outside OR Tambo airport encouraging people to ‘’Boycott Apartheid Israel’. This direct provocation definitely gets the attention of motorists. 

Working on the logic that most South African are indifferent to the Israel-Palestinian conflict and issues, our team searched many image libraries and eventually found a wonderful image that depicts Isreal as a true democracy in one glance. The headline: “Israel – the only free multi-cultural democracy in the Middle East’’.

The resulting billboard speaks louder (and to more people) than any press statement or article. These billboards will be put up in various locations around Johannesburg during March and April to reinforce our message of peace and democracy.

Our message is clear, Israel is not an Apartheid state and we will continue to fight the misinformation and lies perpetuated by the BDS campaign.