“The problem with the metal detectors is that they are Jewish” writes Fred Maroun, a Palestinian living in Canada, in the Times of Israel on 23 July.  And that, Mr Essa, says it all.    

Language is a wonderful tool.  Choose your words correctly and you tell a completely different story.   The policemen were not ‘shot and killed by 3 Palestinians’, as this would have it seem that there was some skirmish with a certain amount of shooting from both sides.   Watch the video of the event – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYwew-xMMbw&feature=youtu.be - The Palestinian terrorists entered the Temple Mount compound, carrying a bag of weapons, changed and hid the weapons on their clothing, and then walked out with the intention of murdering as many Israelis (preferably Jews) as possible.  They murdered the 2 policemen, and wounded a third sitting just outside the gate in cold blood.   Post the attack, a stock –pile of weapons was found hidden in Al Aqsa.   So much for the sanctity of the place.   But the problem with the detectors is not only that they are Jewish, but that they prevent the murder of more Israelis.  Harsh to live with, because Palestinians grow up on a diet of hatred and are fed from birth on the need to murder Jews. 

Omit context and you obfuscate the truth.  When Israel captured East Jerusalem from Jordan in 1967, (after they begged Jordan not to enter the war), all Palestinians living in East Jerusalem were offered full Israeli citizenship. Some accepted and those who refused were given full Jerusalem residency.   And that is why today they are “not citizens”. 

Essad says that Israel sees the Palestinians living in East Jerusalem as “an intractable problem”.   Possibly because Israel never learnt from Jordan, nor is she willing to learn from Abbas.   In 1948, when Jordan captured East Jerusalem, it exiled every Jew living there (and Jews were a majority in Jerusalem).  In fact for 19 years Jews were forbidden to enter East Jerusalem and to pray at the Western Wall.    Abbas has stated quite categorically that in a future Palestinian state no Jew will be allowed.  Why?  Why should Jews not be able to live in Palestine as Arabs live in Israel?  

Because that is but a dream, Mr Essad.  A dream that cannot become a reality until you and the Arabs accept that Israel is no more ‘self-styled as a Jewish state’ than Saudi Arabia is as a Moslem State; likewise for all the other 50 Moslem states in the world.   A dream that cannot become reality until you concede that Jews are entitled to their one tiny state, 1/6th of 1 percent the land mass of the Arab world.  And until you stop teaching your children that to kill Jews is the ultimate glory.