The Rise of Antisemitism 

Rodney Mazinter, Vice Chairman of the SAZF and Chair of the Media Committee  

Antisemitism is frighteningly reaching deluge proportions and has become our new normal. The US Congress, the US Democratic party, the UK Labour party and an upsurge of Jew hatred in a West that is fast forgetting the 1930’s and 40’s.

The SAZF’s primary platform revolves around support for the Jewish State of Israel. Our articles where they reflect this position will act as a sounding board for opinions that support our contention that Israel is legitimate, conforms to democratic principles and plays an important role in the world’s drive towards peace and prosperity for all. While being true to this policy we cannot ignore the many egregiously bad propaganda output based on lies and distortions that inhabit our news outlets. In this regard we will always attempt to counter and rebut negative news about a state that stands very high in all independent international surveys that assess the freedom of nations. 

“In New York, there were more hate crimes against Jews in 2018 than all other targeted groups combined, according to New York Police Department figures recently released. Hate crimes against Jews in Canada have spiked 60%, making them the most targeted minority group in the country for the second straight year, according to Statistics Canada.

In the UK, anti-Semitic attacks are at record levels according to a report by Community Security Trust, with a 34% rise in violent assaults against Jewish people. In Germany, newly released statistics show that anti-Semitic hate crimes jumped by more than 10%, and that one-fifth of those took place in Berlin alone. Across Europe, 38% of Jews are considering leaving according to a European Union survey that also showed that 89% of European Jews believe anti-Semitism has worsened in the last five years and that 85% believe anti-Semitism is the main problem in their country. “

Most rational thought still sees through this whitewashing subterfuge, but the reason the West cannot eradicate its antisemitism is that support for the Palestine cause on the left is the default narrative. When even parliamentarians casually throw around antisemitic tropes reminiscent of much darker times in Jewish history, it is not unexpected for Jews to recognise it for what it essentially is: Jew hatred. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana).

A solution to the Middle East conflict does not consist of the festering two-state non-solution - that moral fig-leaf for the haters - it stands for the destruction of Israel altogether. This is substantiated by what is reiterated not just by Hamas but also by the supposedly “moderate” Palestinian leadership.
It is demonstrated by their flags and insignia depicting the whole of Israel as Palestine, by the incitement of their children to murder Israelis and steal their land, and by their own statements over the years that the two-state solution is in fact an intended final solution for the existence of Israel.
Moreover, this agenda is rooted in eye-watering antisemitism. Public Palestinian disinformation in schools, newspapers, radio, TV, and social media, demonises not just Israel but also the Jewish people as a source of unsubstantiated, derisive conspiracies and evil intent.

Mahmoud Abbas, viewed by some in the west as a statesman-in-waiting who has a doctorate in Holocaust denial, also explicitly venerates the Palestinian Nazi-ally Haj Amin al Husseini who undertook to slaughter every Jew in the Middle East in the event of Hitler’s victory, and uses his media outlets to transmit medieval and Nazi-style demonisation of the Jews.
His followers claim the Jews were behind 9/11, that Israel is out to destroy the Islamic world, that the Jews control the world’s media, finance and US foreign policy, that the west went to war in Iraq “on a lie” as the result of a conspiracy cooked up between Jerusalem and the White House, and many more invented and historic lies.
So why should anyone who supports the Palestinians with their agenda of Holocaust denial, attacks on Judaism and unhinged conspiracy theories about Jewish power, now expect their mealy-mouthed comments to be given any credence? The madness that is now running rampant in the west is that inexplicably, they are.

Worse, Israel is militarily powerful. That is seen as its crime; and it’s also why being anti-Israel is umbilically connected to antisemitism. The fact that Jews are now equipped with military power, albeit solely to defend themselves against annihilation, breathes life into the paranoid delusion that the Jews are so powerful they pose a threat to everyone else.
Antisemitism is now surging across continents in an unholy alliance between the left, neo-Nazis and the Islamic world. Such a derangement of reason and self-serving self-righteousness on a global scale is terrifying and, as with antisemitism throughout the ages, ultimately unfathomable.