Running in remembrance of Moses – Kathy Kaler runs the Jerusalem Marathon.

Holding a position presenting on radio I consider myself to be in a privileged position. I get to engage with thousands of people daily via ChaiFM. You share your opinions, fears and hopes with me. Daily. And you are all important. And most of our listeners I will never meet.

Except for Moses Moyo. His text messages came in to the Morning Mayhem almost every morning since 2013. 

Moses' were often comments defending Israel, sometimes they were comments about service delivery in Johannesburg but most often they were song requests; Yaakov Shwekey, Moshe Perez or Benny Friedman. He signed them all 'Moshe'.

It was only when I received video of Moses singing along (to Benny Friedman's “Mazal and Brocha” nogal!!) that  I realised I was engaging with someone from “outside” our often insular community. But I was wrong.

Moses Moyo was someone very much engaged in the Jewish community. On every level.

He loved our culture, our music, our religious rites, our traditions and even our quirks. 

And he loved Israel. Passionately.

Moses understood, profoundly, the importance of the Jewish state, not only to Jews but what Israel means to the world and her place in the greater scheme of things.

Always interested in  hearing the human stories, I took the initiative to call Moses up one day and invite him for a cup of coffee. And that was where our friendship began.

In a little coffee shop in Glenhazel. It was 2014.

I came to know Moses as a great defender of the underdog – whether he was standing up for Israeli actions to defend her borders or the plight of African assylum seekers in Hillbrow – he stood for truth and all that was right in the world. It is no secret. Anyone who knew him will tell you that.

A year ago, Moses planned to run the Jerusalem Marathon as part of the DL Link #RunForRecovery team. Due to issues with his passport he had to forego the 2018 Marathon but had it on his radar to run this year. Moses was incredibly positive and for him it was just a postponement.

Little did anyone know...

In October last year while listening to the Morning Mayhem on ChaiFM I heard about Moses' untimely death. Like so many others who knew him I was filled with disbelief. And sadness. And Loss. Not only had I personally lost a friend, but as a Jewish and Zionist community we had all lost an ally. 

After his passing, the Jewish Community started fundraising for Moses' children's education.

Education... A tree of knowledge, right? The SAZF and the JNF will also be planting a tree in Israel in Moses Moyos' name. I will be at that ceremony. Two trees. A tree of knowledge for his children in the form of the trust fund and a physical tree in the Holy Land.  

Moses would have loved that. 

What a testament it is to our community organisations to honour a wonderful man who was so loyal to our community and did so much to bring Christian and Jewish Zionists together. 

This year I am part of the Jerusalem Marathon 2019 DL Link #RunForRecovery team. I will be running the 10km Marathon.

This morning I went for my early morning run on the streets of Jerusalem, and as I ran down Ben Yehuda into Jaffa road my tears flowed.

And I let them.

They were tears for Moses Moyo.

They were tears of Gratitude.

Of Appreciation.

Of humility.

Of Loss.

Of celebration.

Of Joy. 

Of Simply Being Alive. (Eventually I had to decide whether to run or cry – doing both is near impossible).

So I ran. 

This Friday I will be running for Moses Moyo to complete what he wasn't able to.

My official DL Link racing shirt (yes, apparently a Marathon is a race!) has his name on the back along with the names of the two other warriors for whom I am running. The red DL Link Jerusalem Marathon 2019 Tour T-shirts have his name on the shirt of all 85 runners on the team.

Because we are all Moses Moyo.

Champions of the Underdog. Pursuers of Truth. And Proud Zionists.

Onward and Upward. Always.

Kathy Kaler

Kathy shirt.jpg