SOCIAL MEDIA campaign  – IAW

The 2017 Social Media campaign expanded on the theme #SeeIsraelForYourself, depicting diversity, religious freedom, sexual freedom and democracy using a number of recognizable celebrities who have travelled to Israel. These easily recognizable faces contributed to the positive re-enforcement of the true democracy in Israel and generated great social media engagement. This campaign consisted of 25 posters that covered all aspects of Israeli culture and democracy. All posters and posts allowed followers the opportunity to learn more about the “true facts” and linked them to a website where BDS lies and accusations are de-bunked. 

On campus,with the help of SAUJS the on-goings and activities were captured in real time and posted immediately. These posts, both video footage and photos, were shared across the various social media platforms, highlighting vicious acts of intimidation , anti Semitism and general disregard for campus rules by the BDS and PSC. These tweets and videos went viral quickly causing main stream media to pick up on the various incidents that occurred during this time. 

In addition, the SAZF hosted the incredible team of graffiti artists belonging to Artists4Israel. This dynamic group attracted the interest of main stream media with their message of peace and healing and their honest experiences in the Middle East. The artists were involved in a range of projects including re-vamping the playground of City Kidz school in Doornfontein. Using their network of followers their trip to SA was documented and shared with thousands of followers. Thus extending our international reach, organically.   

Along with a strong key messaging of peace and education through dialogue and creativity, our campaign was extremely well received and far reaching with many international organizations showing an interest in the South African narrative and activism.