South African Zionist Federation Condemns Any Form of Racism


In light of the recent racist and untoward statements by a few Israeli residents in Avshalom, aimed at the South Sudanese students attending an internship programme, the South African Zionist Federation and our affiliate organisations, strongly condemn this incident and any other form of racism. This behaviour and these remarks are completely unacceptable and go against our values of respect and tolerance of all people. 

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement confirming, “the ministry will not allow for the discrimination of the students on this program” and ensures “that the students from South Sudan are treated well and in accordance with Israel’s laws and values”. Minister of Agriculture, Uri Ariel added that there will be a thorough investigation of the matter. 

The Embassy of Israel in South Africa re-iterates that “these are not the values of Israel” and “our values are shown by the program itself, bringing thousands from Africa to Israel for expertise sharing and collaboration”. 

Just as the South African Jewish community has harshly condemned the recent racist and damaging comments by Adam Catzavelos, and Julius Malema, so to do we condemn this incident in Israel. 

Racism in any form and in any place, needs to be addressed with urgency in order to build societies that are open to learning, engaging and respecting every other human being. 

Rowan Polovin

Chairman – South African Zionist Federation Cape Council