Today’s protest march by the EFF on the Israeli embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, is beyond absurd. 

South Africa is in the midst of seemingly insurmountable challenges, and yet the EFF elects to spend its time, capital and resources pursuing a highly emotive and polarizing issue. 

The EFF, and those opposed to Israel in South Africa, should be under no illusion as to the many millions of South Africans, from all walks of life, that are supportive and appreciative of Israel and what it stands for. 

Make no mistake that Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is going nowhere. 

We also have it on good advice that many elements from the anti-Israel lobby are party to the planning and funding of this protest, which in turn reveals the political agenda which the EFF are supporting, namely, the demise of the State of Israel. 

By attempting to destroy the relationship with Israel, South Africa and its people stand to lose the most. Time and time again, Israel has offered to cooperate across many vital sectors, including water, technology, agriculture and cyber security. 

Israel remains a country that has so much to contribute to South Africa’s wellbeing, and is ready and able to share their expertise. This is a time to be focused on viable solutions for both the Middle East and South Africa. 

It is also with much gratitude, that we acknowledge and salute the thousands of South Africans that have stepped forward, in defense, love and support of the Holy Land and its right to exist as the national homeland for the Jews. 

The SAZF, in line with the overwhelming majority of the international community, supports a two-state solution and will support any genuine and sincere attempt at bringing this about. 

For further enquiries, please contact:

Ben Swartz – National Chairman: South African Zionist Federation