Terror has struck the people of Israel. On Friday 16 June, yet another innocent life was stolen in a coordinated terror attack. The fatal stabbing of Israeli border police officer, Hadas Malka, a mere 23 years old, took place near Jerusalem’s old city walls. 

According to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist organizations, this was the first time that the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack of this sort in Israel. However, Hamas has rejected IS’s claims of responsibility for the murder, saying that the three attackers belonged to the terror organizations of the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine” and “Hamas”.

 It is with much sadness and bitter irony that we all see the warped worldview of Hamas, where the murder of Jews is seen as something to compete for. 

Another innocent life has been extinguished, just one more among the thousands of others that have been lost in the ongoing Middle East conflict. Until such acts of barbarity cease, the peace so longed for and deserved by both Israelis and Palestinians will sadly never be achieved. 

Ben Swartz, SAZF Chairman