The Truth about the Conditions of Palestinian Prisoners in Israel


The current hunger strike by security prisoners is attempting to paint the conditions of prisons in Israel negatively. In reality, the conditions in Israeli prisons are better than those in the Palestinian Authority, Gaza, South Africa, and even in much of the West. The Israeli Prison Services protects the rights, and respects prisoners in Israeli jails. But, apparently, for those security prisoners on strike, it is not enough. Palestinian prisoners are currently on strike for: “Access to satellite channels tailored to the needs of prisoners.”

Here is the truth about the conditions of Palestinian prisoners in serving time in Israeli prisons:

 Of the approximately 6,100 Security prisoners, fully one third are serving sentences that include direct responsibility for murder.

  1. Marwan Barghouti, was convicted for directing and planning the murder of 5 civilians.
  2. Prisoners receive a monthly salary based on the severity of their crime.
  • For example, a murderer responsible for the deaths of multiple civilians can receive up to 12,000 NIS a month (about R45,000).
  1. NGOs have been claiming that Israel has arrested between 750,000 and 800,000 for almost 10 years, yet their own weekly arrest statistics show that this number is false.
  2. Security prisoners in Israel are entitled to a number of basic rights, and additional benefits, including:  
  • Regular visits from the International Red Cross
  • Family visitations
  • Medical treatment
  • Religious rights
  • Access to education
  • Meeting with an attorney (within a professional framework)
  • Newspapers
  • Opportunity to read and have books in their possession
  • Permitted to buy goods from the prison's canteen, (run by inmates).
  • Television watching hours
  • Electrical appliances


Source: Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT)

  • COGAT recently published a report describing funding by the Palestinian National Fund to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails.