Yom Ha'atzmaut 2018 - Celebrating the South Africa/Israel connection 

The long history of our people is filled with many highs and lows, but the long-awaited formation of a Jewish State in 1948 is truly a miracle worthy of celebration. It’s now been 70 years since Israel gained its independence and, to make its 70th birthday really special, the SAZF has put together an incredible Yom Ha'atzmaut events across the country - filled with fun, music, food and unity. 

The colouring and engaging advertising campaign for Yom Ha'atzmaut 2018 has recently been launched and features a range of colourful  images that draw attention to the strong South African connection to our beloved Israel and South Africa. It's an inclusive and positive campaign that brings together the best of both countries to create something new and exciting. 

You bring the chakalaka, we'll bring the shakshuka. You bring the rugelach, we'll bring the rusks. You bring the melktert, we'll bring the Milkies. You bring the boerewors, we'll bring the Bamba. . “Lets celebrate 70 together” is a way for all of us to connect to the special energy and joy of this milestone year.  

In Johannesburg  the community can look forward to a jam packed night festival at Huddle with a music extravaganza headlined by the Solomon Brothers from Israel. Moms , dada bobbas and gogos will delight in seeing their kinderlach perform alongside local Jewish talent in our Community showcase. We're even doing a live international TV crossing to sing the official birthday song “Halleluiah” to share our unique South African 'gees' with our ‘chabibis’ in Israel. With  a kids carnival , youth zone, shuk, food stalls and a great vibe ending off  a special fireworks display this party is one you don’t wanna miss! 

Date: Wednesday 18 April
Venue: Huddle Park , Linksfield
Gates open 17:00
Tickets online www.sazionfed.co.za or at the gate
Tickets: R100 Adults and kids over 3years R50 each

In Cape Town, the Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration will also include performance by The Solomon Brothers Band at Ratanga Junction.

Date: Thursday 19 April
Venue: Ratanga Junction
Gates open 14:00
Tickets and further information, please contact Yvette wpzc1@ctjc.co.za
Tickets: R60 non rider, R70 junior rider, R90 full rider

In Durban, the Kwazulu Natal Zionist Council's event will include well known mentalist Gilan Gork as well as a DJ Jarred Kruger.

Date: Wednesday 18 April
Gates open 18:00
Tickets and further information, please contact knzc@djc.co.za        

Come along and celebrate 70 years of amazing Israel's amazing achievements. 

Let's celebrate 70 years together!

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