Isie Maisels Library


The Isie Maisels Library has information on all things Jewish and Israeli. It’s of interest to those wanting to know about Judaism, Jewish history, art and culture, prominent Jewish people, South African Jewry, Zionism, all aspects of Israeli life and culture and the history of and current situation in the Middle East.

Researchers, school and tertiary learners will find information in books, press cuttings and periodicals not available on the internet. Although we do not have a children’s collection, much of our material will be accessible to learners in higher grades.


The library has many old, rare publications that are no longer easily available.  Apart from rare items and reference works, most non-fiction books may now be borrowed subject to the discretion of the librarian. Most fiction books have a Jewish theme or are by Jewish authors and may be borrowed.

The library has a collection of non-fiction and fiction of general interest, donated by the late Hon. Abe Abrahamson and others that are available for loan.


The Joe Green Audio Visual Library has over 1 400 DVD titles: documentaries on many aspects of Jewish life, religion and history particularly the Second World War and the Holocaust, as well as feature films, both old and new, on Jewish and general themes or with a Jewish cast or producers. DVDs may be borrowed.

Press cuttings

Our huge collection of news cuttings is a source of valuable information on all our topics and goes back to the mid twentieth century.


   Bound and unbound periodicals include: The Herald Times, Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Herald, Jewish Report, South African          Jewish Times, Zionist Record and more. Periodicals may be used in the library.


The collection of photos of people, events and places goes back to the 1960s. Photocopies can be made or you may bring your camera and photograph them.


We have some pamphlets on Israel and South African Jewry that can be used in the library.


We gladly accept donations of new books and DVDs in as-new condition. We are interested in books on all aspects of Israeli life and South African Jewish affairs that have been published in the last 10 years. Please contact the library before making your donation.


Joining the library:

We have recently acquired a new library management system.  Everyone needs to re-register unless you joined the library after May 2015. You will be asked to fill in a short form and agree to the library rules.


You are always welcome in the library. The staff will be happy to assist you. We have tables and comfortable chairs, a quiet, friendly atmosphere and free tea and coffee.

Library hours: Mon - Thurs 08:30 - 16:30 | Friday 08:30 - 14:00

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