Buying Tickets

Step 1 - Register

You need to be registered and logged in to buy tickets form SAZF. You can create an account through our registration page.

Step 2 - Add your tickets

Visit our Events page to search the site for your event. After clicking on your event, add the ticket holders name and ID number to the ticket and click on the add to cart button. After checkout this info will be printed on the tickets and the tickets will be emailed to the ticket purchaser. For multiple tickets, change the name and ID number on each ticket you add to your cart. All tickets need to have a unique name and ID number. Kids tickets only need a name.

Step 3 - Check Out

Once you've added your ticket to your cart, click on checkout and follow the simple checkout process through to the paygate. You will be redirected to PayFast where you can pay for your tickets using Visa | Mastercard or Instant Eft through any of the major banks. After successful transaction you will be returned to SAZF and your tickets and receipt will be emailed to you.

You can print out or re email your tickets anytime from your Account | Order History.

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