Dorron Kline, CEO of Telfed (the South Africa Zionist Federation - Israel), Stephanie Miller, Registrar of the International School of the Interdisciplinary Institute (IDC) in Israel, and IDC student from Johannesburg Ben Feldman, visited South Africa last week to present to the Jewish community a newly developed programme – SASI – that enables South African Jewish students to complete their higher education in Israel.

SASI – South Africans Studying in Israel – combines the IDC’s international curricula in English with Telfed’s comprehensive envelope of supportive services.

SASI students are eligible to apply for needs-based subsidized accommodation grants and study scholarships, access to ulpan, preparatory studies if needed, youth counselors and the support of Telfed’s full professional staff including an Aliyah and Klita Counsellor, Social Worker, Employment Counsellor and Accommodation Administrator. This, in addition to a world class education and exposure to Israeli culture and social life.


“We so appreciate this fantastic opportunity, brought by Telfed and the IDC, for an Ivy League education in Israel for our children!” (parents in attendance)"


Dorron, Stephanie and Ben visited both the King David Linksfield and the Victory Park high schools, presenting the programme to hundreds of 11th and 12th graders, held parlour meetings and were even interviewed on the Chai FM radio station. They report a tremendously positive reaction to the programme, with over 45 potential participants already registering to receive further information - from Jo’burg only!

At a similar presentation in Cape Town, Chairman of the Board of the United Jewish Campaign (UJC) Philip Krawitz commented: “it’s not just the financial support that makes the difference – it is Telfed’s staff and volunteers that provide the absorption framework and assistance for the students. It’s this added supervision that can put parents’ minds at rest when they send their children to Israel to study.”

Davi Nathan, an IDC graduate, spoke about his very positive academic and social experiences at the IDC. “I completed my MBA at the university and I am now going to work for Bloombergs in London. This shows that the academic degrees from the IDC are held in very high esteem,” he said.


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