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The SAZF - More Than Meets the Eye

Posted Jun 17, 2020

As a local Joburg-born active member of the community, I was always aware of the SAZF.  I fondly remember Yom HaAtzmaut at Ellis Park as a teenager and have always known that when it comes to Israel - they’ve got it covered.

It has been a wonderful realisation in my new role to begin to understand how nuanced, and in how many different facets the Fed interacts (way beyond events). The events, too, have evolved and we are hosting fantastic sessions through our [email protected] initiative.  Whether on the Israel political scene;  the combatting of antisemitism / anti-Zionism front; the promotion of Aliya (especially in these uncertain times); to the proactive engagements with our Youth Movements, and so much more. The Fed is working tirelessly for you.

At this time of Corona in particular, we are very conscious of not only the health issues but the real financial burden that people are facing.  I believe it is important for you as a community member and as a donor, to know that we are being financially responsible.  To that end, we are painstakingly cutting costs, as well as working smart by leveraging our national organisations and affiliates, thereby being more effective, and more importantly efficient, with our valued donor contributions. 

We proudly continue to work as a Federation with our multiple affiliates and partners in protecting and promoting Israel in South Africa and thank you for your ongoing support in enabling us to do so.

Stay safe.

Michael Sieff
National Executive Director, SAZF